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About Us

We Provide The Best IT Solutions For Your Business

Our Company Story

Since our founding in 1998, we stood with determination to reinvent and remodel business products and services. Inspired by the local startup community, we started out with a team of three employees initially providing services for Windows servers and network components.

21 years later our perseverance has allowed us to find our place in providing next-generation custom IT services. As we grow, we consistently aim to solve our customer’s challenges by delivering high-quality, innovative products.

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We keep our eye on tech trends so we can offer next-generation digital services and consulting solutions. We understand how emerging technologies have so much to promise for evolving businesses.

Experienced Team

Everyone at Dundee Computer Care believes the quality of the product is as good as the team that produced it. Our team of professionals provides expert knowledge in all stages of software and business development.

To Quality

Quality is a non-negotiable goal for every business. So, we thrive to seek ways to provide our customers with projects and services of optimal value. We offer the best business solutions that have quality at its core.


We Put
Our Customers, First!

We can help you keep up your business goals with our comprehensive range of business solutions and services. Quality and Security are paramount. We pledge to deliver our best to surpass your service expectations and believe in building honest, long-term relations with our customers. From modern solutions to remodelling businesses, we can keep your business up and running. We can manage any business risks with our dedicated team and tech solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Why We Are Best?

We Offer Pro-Active
IT Support Solutions

From server to desktop, our expert team can set up and manage your business at its core. We can craft an IT plan that fits your needs and budget with our comprehensive range of services and products. We want our customers to access quality tech support at an affordable price with no compromise.

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